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Why Choose GCSE Dance?

1. The study of DANCE as an art form contributes to your aesthetic and social development.

2. As a physical activity it promotes fitness and well being.

3. Dance supports learning across a range of subjects.

4. As a performer you develop technique, confidence and self esteem

5. Dance develops self and body awareness as well as sensitivity to others and team working skills.

6. Dance performance requires physical effort and determination to succeed and improve.

7. As choreographers you employ the skills of problem solving and creativity. It requires imagination and the ability to fuse a number of elements.

8. In directing others you develop interpersonal and communication skills.

9. As critics, you make educated decisions about the dances you see. You articulate your knowledge and opinions. Viewing professional dances fulfills your cultural entitlement and broadens your artistic experience.

10. Dance can be a huge force for good, effectively drawing people together and leveling everyone through sheer hard work.


The Components for assessment are:


Critical appreciation of Dance - 1 hour Written Paper

Candidates answer questions on two professional works, chosen by AQA


Set Dance - Practical Examination                                               

Solo performance of a Set Dance prescribed by AQA


Performance - Controlled Assessment

Performance in a duo/group dance related to a prescribed professional work


Choreography - Controlled Assessment

Solo composition task (15%)

The dance takes its stimulus from a professional work and is developed by the student

Choreography (25%)

The dance may be in any style, in response to an outline stimulus from AQA


GCSE Dance is unique in that it offers students a way to explore their own values and beliefs and benefits their overall fitness and well being. They will gain regular performance experience, develop a range of vital skills and view and analyse professional Dance works. Dance is a physically demanding and academically challenging subject that requires dedication, but the experience in its entirety is rewarding and valuable for all future careers.

GCSE Dance can lead to careers within the performing arts, theatre, media, journalism, teaching, youth or community work, choreography, dance therapy, designing or artistic administrator work. Dance can ultimately complement and enhance any profession that requires confidence, creativity and dedication as it develops and builds on these vital skills.

Homework expectations: Pupils will be set homework on a regular basis that will include writing of a comparative and analytical nature and practical coursework which will be carried out in school at break times, Lunch and after school.


Examination Board: AQA    Syllabus Code: 4230


Head of Department:   Miss. L. Bevan


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