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Admissions Criteria 2018

The Academy Committee of Hagley Catholic High School welcomes applications to the Sixth Form from students of all denominations and faiths and has determined that a maximum of 30 external students will be admitted into Year 12.



Essential Criteria

The criteria published below will be applied to all applications.


Students who wish to be admitted to study Level 3 courses (A-level and Applied General Qualifications) must achieve the entry requirement of 5 or more GCSE passes at grades A*- C, including English and Maths. The minimum for Maths and English is a Grade 4 but the expectation is that students will achieve a Grade 5. Two GCSE passes must be at Grade B or higher. Students who have not achieved either a Grade 4 in English or Maths will be expected to achieve this during by completing a resit in the first year of study.  We would be looking for students to achieve an attainment 8 score of 50+.


Additional Selection Criteria

Where applications for admission exceed the number of places available, the following selection criteria will be applied in order of priority.


1.      Looked After Children and children who were looked after but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order) and who achieve the entry requirement.


2.     Year 11 students from Hagley Catholic High School who achieve the entry requirement.


3.          Year 11 students from any other school who achieve the entry requirement. 


4.        Students either from Hagley Catholic High School or any other school who do not achieve the entry requirement but request admittance on the grounds of special consideration.


Applications within criterion 3 will be considered by the Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form with advice from the Chair (or a representative) of the Academy Committee.


Students (including Looked After Children and previously looked after children) who wish to be admitted to study Level 1 or 2 courses delivered through the ContinU Partnership, must

have achieved 5 or more GCSEs at grades A* - G or 4 and above .


Supporting Paperwork

Applications from external applicants must be supported with either a reference or a Year 11 Report.


All applicants, both internal and external, and their parents must be willing to sign and abide by the terms of the Academy Committee’s Requirements and the Sixth Form Home-School Agreement.


The school will make conditional allocations for places in the Sixth Form during the academic year before the start of the course. Following the publications of the GCSE results in August the Academy will be able to confirm places to successful applicants.



There is no charge or cost relating to the admission of a pupil to Hagley Catholic Sixth Form (subject to eligibility).



Academy Committee's Requirements


Dress Code


As leading members of the school, the Sixth Form set an example in dress and behaviour in public. Our basic requirement and most important general guideline is that Sixth Form dress must be smart and tidy and appropriate for working in a serious academic environment.  Male students will be expected to wear a shirt with a collar. 


The Sixth Form is a unified community and Sixth Formers must not set themselves apart from their peers by extreme fashion statements or any form of cult dressing. 


In terms of specific dress code, Sixth Formers are not allowed to wear: 


 denim jeans or jackets 

 leather motor-cycle style jackets with zips and studs 

 slogan T-shirts, football shirts, rock band T-shirts (male students’ shirts must have a collar) 

 extreme hair styles 

 any eyebrow, lip or cheek piercings 

 military fatigues or camouflage combat-style trousers 

 tracksuit bottoms or jogging-style trousers 

 shorts or cut-offs or three-quarter length trousers of any kind 


 hats or caps.



Religious Education

Participation in general religious education is compulsory. Sixth Formers are greatly encouraged to attend the residential retreat which provides a unique opportunity for reflection. 


Contribute to School Trips

Sixth Form students are asked to make a small contribution to help towards the cost of the important higher education trips for the whole year group.



Report Online Problem

“The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) deals with offences against children. Use the CEOP button to report offences to the proper authorities.“

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