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How Do I Qualify?


Students who wish to be admitted to study A-Level and/or Level 3 Applied General Qualifications must achieve the required academic entry criteria and undertake a full-time programme of study.



Academic Entry Requirements

  • Five or more GCSE passes at grades A* - C.
  • Two GCSE passes at Grade B or higher
  • A minimum of Grade 4 for Maths and English, with the expectation that students will achieve a Grade 5. (Students who do not achieve a Grade 4 in English and Maths will be expected to achieve this by completing a resit in the first year of study.)


(Further details can be found in our Admissions Criteria)



How Many Subjects Do I Study?

It is advised that you choose three subjects to study plus the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).


We will run two year A-Level Courses.


Students will be guided by a member of staff to make suitable choices which may include a mixture of Applied General Qualifications and A-Levels.



The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The Extended Project fulfils the legal requirement of the 1996 Education Act that all Post-16 students should study religious education. The qualification was requested by universities to help show them who has the skills required for undergraduate study.  It requires you to attend weekly lessons and to manage your private study time in order to meet regular deadlines; a skill integral to any degree course.


All pupils are required to undertake an Extended Project.  Entry into Year 13 at Hagley Catholic Sixth Form is conditional upon the successful completion of an Extended Project during Year 12.


All students complete just one of the four modules available. The Extended Project is:

 a one-year course with weekly lessons.

 the equivalent of an AS level, with the same UCAS point tariff.

 an opportunity to explore any aspect of RE that interests you: local, national or global.

 a natural progression from GCSE Religious Studies.


Below are examples of Extended Projects that have been undertaken over recent years:


  • Human Rights
  • Bioethics
  • Capital punishment
  • Fox hunting
  • Church attendance
  • Genetics
  • Teach an RE Lesson
  • Organise a charity event
  • Artwork


With competition to University being so fierce, universities are looking for qualifications that allow students to stand out. The EPQ has been highly recommended by university admissions officers as it demonstrates the essential skills of independent research that universities are looking for. You are strongly advised to invest your time in this qualification as many students who have attained high grades have received reduced grade offers or even unconditional offers.



The Structure of the School Day

We have four 75 minute lessons per day. This has been established across the whole of the CONTINU consortium in order to facilitate access to courses across the 14 – 19 age range.



In the Sixth Form these arrangements mean that A-Level courses are taught in half day blocks, with students studying the same A-Level subject all morning or all afternoon. This means that the lunch hour is available to transfer between institutions and it means that all A-Level lessons across all the institutions are taught at the same time. 


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