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What do our students think?


Since Year 7, I may not have grown in height, but I have certainly grown in character thanks to Hagley Sixth Form.

I am studying three essay based subjects in the form of Business, History and English Language.  However, with the help of the excellent teaching, learning to write different essays is made much easier and enjoyable



I joined Hagley in Year 7 and had no hesitation in deciding to stay here for my Sixth Form studies.  It’s a close knit and friendly community, so one big attraction was that I knew if I ever had a problem I could easily find a member of staff who would be more than willing to help.  I’ve enjoyed building strong relationships with my teachers during Sixth Form so far; it’s great feeling able to have fun with them at the same time as learning.

I’m doing Maths, Physics and PE A-Levels and so was very pleased to be asked by the PE staff to help with the Year 8 Activities Week to the Gower Peninsular.  Working alongside staff was a fantastic experience that I’m looking forward to repeating next year.



The relationships I have with the teachers have been such an important part of my time at the Sixth Form.  The teachers are always willing to support the class and put lots of effort into planning lessons.

I am studying Biology, Psychology and Health and Social Card as I would like to become a nurse.  These subjects have a lot of content and are hard.  However, they interest me greatly so I don’t mind.



I have been a student at Hagley since year 7 and the relationships formed with not only my teachers but all staff solidified my decision to stay on at Sixth Form.

The great opportunities placed before you are unimaginable.  I have been able to go to Lourdes, gain first aid traininhg and even spend my enrichment hours at my local primary school to develop my passion for teaching.  The staff, the students and the community, as well as the facilities, have contributed to making the two years thoroughly enjoyable.



Hagley Catholic Sixth Form was an obvious choice for me as the environment is always welcoming and enjoyable.  Having been a student at Hagley since Year 7, I’ve developed supportive and strong relationships with staff and feel confident in the guidance that I’ve received through the A-Level course so far.

I chose to study Chemistry, Biology and English Literature, all of which contain a lot of difficult content.  Despite the workload of these courses, Hagley Sixth Form is fortunate enough to have supportive and enthusiastic staff who are always willing to help.



Hagley Sixth Form has a real sense of community, joining people together.  The teachers at sixth form really support you with the step up from GCSE to A-Level.  One way they achieve this is by having enrichment, which allows you to let out any stress and have time away from studies.

I am studying PE, Biology and Health and Social Care.  The teachers in all three of my A-Levels have been really helpful as they have supported me through my studies.



Having been at Hagley since Year 7, I had no doubt that Hagley Sixth Form was the path I must follow.  I chose to study Chemistry, Computer Science and History.  Hagley is unique in the way that teachers offer so much helpful support, and help build a bond that helps you succeed throughout your studies.

The Sixth Form offers a great learning environment for all students, which you will feel comfortable in, and confident you will achieve.



Hagley was an obvious first choice for me, as I chose to study PE, Biology and Geography.  I knew that the relationships I had already developed with each department meant that the help and support I received would be second-to-none.






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