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Design & Technology

All pupils and students at Hagley Catholic High School follow a taught course of D&T. The Department is made up by five specialist teacher and supported by a two technicians who are fully committed to the education of the pupils:

  •  Mr. M Button - Head of Year 9, Subject Leader of Design & Technology
  •  Mr. D. Goddard - Teacher of Design & Technology
  •  Mrs. C. Hudson - Teacher of Design & Technology
  •  Mrs. C. Abbotts - Teacher of Design & Technology
  •  Mrs. S Palmer - Teacher in Charge of Health & Social Care
  •  Mr. R Caulwell - Design & Technology Technician

KS3: In KS3 students are on a carousel system where they will spend approximately 10 weeks in each subject area, developing a range of Design and Manufacturing skills which will help prepare them for work and life. These skills build towards KS4 courses.

Year 7

Graphics Module Systems & Control Product Deisgn Module

Basics of Typography

The Design Process

2D Sketching

Isometric Drawing

Making in Card

Safe use of cutting tools

Door handle hanger project

Introduction to soldering techniques

Names of components and their function


Using CAD to simulate circuits

Using CAD to improve a final design idea

Jewellery project

Research on Metals

Designing in CAD

H&S competencies

Using metal tools to make

Tools & their uses 

Year 8

Graphics Module Systems & Control Product Design Module

Design history

Past & Present designers

Communication skills

Isometric drawing


Making in Styrofoam

Night light project

Introduction to Strip boards

Bread boards

On-board components and their functions


Using CAD to simulate circuits

Using CAD/CAM to improve a final design idea

Using wood and wood working tools

Introduction to a wider variety of machinery equipment

Year 9

 Design & Technology Module System & Control  Health & Social care module

 Futher drawing techniques

Card mechanics

Designers and their work

Alarming designs project


Components & Control systems



Using CAD to simulate circuits

Using CAD/CAM to produce a final outcome

An introduction to the Cambridge National Level 2 Course

Covering the Rights of Indiviuals

Care values and legislation


Key Stage 4

 KS4: At KS4 you can choose to study GCSE Design & Technology. This course is the Edexcel 1DTO specification. This course has two units , an exam which tests students knowledge and understanding of all areas of Design and Technology (worth 50% of the marks) and a Non-Examined assessment, or design and make prokect, base on a choice of takss set by the exam board. (Also worth 50% of the marks). This is a two year course. Our current specialist materials area is papers and boards.