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Oxbridge Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science Support Programme


We offer an intensive and highly personalised support programme to ensure that our students compete in the recruitment battle to study at some of the most prestigious universities and on the most demanding courses.


Autumn Term Year 12:

 Students are identified and undergo a mentoring session to discuss what subject  they wish to read at Oxbridge.  

 Students are mentored as to which university might be more applicable to their  area of study.

 Students attend an Oxbridge recruitment day.

 Departments are identified and discussions take place as to how the student can  be supported.

 Those who wish to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science are  encouraged and supported to  undergo work experience.


Spring Term Year 12:

 Students partake in another mentoring session to evaluate how individual research and study is developing.

 Students partake in another mentoring session to evaluate how individual research and study is developing. Sixth Form looks to engage and Oxford representative to come in a deliver a workshop as to what to expect (this sometimes runs into the summer term).

 Students partake in another mentoring session to evaluate how individual research and study is developing. Students are encouraged to apply for summer school courses in their subject of interest at Oxford. Students are supported through the application process on a one-to-one basis.

Summer Term Year 12:

 Students partake in another mentoring session to further evaluate their independent study.

 Students attend workshops for a reputable outside agency to assist how to prepare for the challenging recruitment process (i.e. how to focus your application form and how to perform effectively in the interview)

 Students are encouraged to attend the open days for their respective university.

 Students liaise and meet with past alumni that have studied at Oxford or Medicine to ask questions.

 Students complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which Admissions Tutors value highly.


Autumn Term Year 13:

 Students are personally guided through the UCAS application process with a series of one-to-one meetings to ensure personal statements are of outstanding quality. Their references are uniquely tailored to the individual student's strengths.

 A series of mock interviews are arranged with internal and outside agencies.


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