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Music Technology

V-Cert NCFE (Level 2 Technical Award in Music Technology)


Rock workshop, film music, new directions and other fun topics…. If you enjoyed these, the Music technology course could be for you! This new vocational course is designed for anyone with an interest in music and music technology. Perhaps you enjoyed learning guitar in Rock Workshop, or creating your film music on the computer. This qualification enables learners to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of the music technology industry. Although there is an element of theory, you will have already covered much of this in KS3 already.  The majority of the time will be experimenting with music ideas / sound, creating arrangements and compositions whist developing your sequencing and recording skills.

Although there are opportunities to perform on this course, you will not be assessed on your performance skills. You do, however need to work hard, be creative at the tasks set and be prepared to develop your own technology skills with the help of the Music team.


Will I enjoy this course?

You will enjoy this course if you want to study a subject that: is largely practical (50% involves practical music-making and creating a portfolio of work); allows you to be creative; gives you the opportunity toplay music with others in e.g. pairs, pop/rock groups, bands or vocal groups; and to learn more about and use music technology.

You will develop skills in the recording studio as well as composing and creating your own sounds.


What could I do next withV-Cert Music technology?

This V-Cert in Music Technology is equivalent to a GCSE (counting in Attainment 8 / Progress 8).  You will be able to achieve the highest GCSE grade (9) if you gain a Distinction Plus in this subject.

                                      This new course gives you broader experiences that are valued in many other professions that require you to show good teamwork, communication and expressive skills, as well as commitment, confidence and creativity. It will also prepare you well for AS/A Levels in Music and Music Technology as well as BTEC National Diplomas (in Music, Popular Music and Music Technology) and the Vocational A-Level in Performing Arts. There are also strong links to Media studies,Computing, Mathematics, Science, Economics and Business.  

What will I study?

Unit 01 Using a Digital Audio Workstation (D/507/5002)

·          This unit will allow learners to develop skills in operating a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) creatively using audio, MIDI, hardware and editing tools. Learners will create a musical project in response to a brief, reflecting industry skills.

·          Create a musical project that will include MIDI and audio

·          Review a completed musical project

This is similar to the Year 9 module on New Directions / Minimalism


  Unit 02 Creating music (T/507/5006)


·          Learners will develop skills to analyse stylistic elements of music and develop a piece of music based on a specific style. Learners will engage in a review of technical and creative processes.

·          Understand the musical elements of a chosen style

·          Create a piece of music in the style identified in learning outcome 1

·          Review the musical piece

This is similar to the Year 7 module on Drum & Bass


Unit 03 Studio recording (J/507/5009)


·          Plan a recording session in response to a given scenario

·          Undertake a studio recording session

·          Mix a multi-track recording

·          Review their mixdown

This will include elements similar to the Year 9 module on Rock Workshop



Unit 04 Sound creation (L/507/5013)


·          Learners will explore sound creation and apply their knowledge to a given brief. They will create and review their own original sound creation project.

·          Plan and undertake the sound creation for a given brief

·          Review their completed sound creation project

This is similar to the Year 8 module on Film Music  & Advertising


Current Year 11 Students

Year 11 students are currently studying GCSE Music on the Eduqas specification:


This subject is largely practical (60% involves practical music-making), allows you to be creative, gives you the opportunity to play music with others in e.g. pairs, pop/rock groups, bands, orchestras or vocal groups, gives you the opportunity to learn more about and use music technology.


You will learn about different styles of music incorporating them into your own compositions (Pop songs, music for Film, “Dance” tracks, and instrumental pieces).

There are two set works, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mt 3)-Mozart and “Since you’ve been Gone –Rainbow. The rest of the course is divided up into four areas of study: 

  • Musical Forms & Devices
  • Music for Ensemble
  • Film Music
  • Popular music


The course structure is outlined below:








Perform 2 pieces on any instrument (including voice), in any style.  One ensemble and one ensemble or solo.




Compose 2 pieces of music (One is your own choice, the other is set by the Board)




75 Minute exam based on the Areas of Study and the TWO set works.


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