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Geology is offered to our sixth form students only. The Department is made up of two teachers fully committed to the education of the pupils: 

  • Mr. M Patchett
  • Mrs. K. Dunk

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Geology is the scientific study of the origin, history and structure of the earth. It is a fascinating subject and many people initially opt for Geology because they want to find out more about earthquakes, volcanoes, fossils, energy resources or climate change and then go on to discover many other intriguing aspects of the subject. A-level Geology doesn’t just provide a good scientific background, but also an understanding of Earth itself as well as a route into a relevant, interesting and well paid career with the chance for global travel.



This course’s wide variety of topics keeps it interesting along with the regular use of lectures, labwork and fieldwork. Geology can only be fully appreciated in the field and we are fortunate in being situated close to several classic geological localities. There are many visits throughout the course, the main (residential) field trip being to the beaches of South Wales, a great experience for the group which provides important mapping and geological skills. We also attend relevant lectures and workshops at universities, museums and the British Geological Survey, as well as hosting several regular visiting speakers from industry and academia each year.



Geology is excellently resourced with hundreds of fossil, rock and mineral specimens as well as microscopes, modern textbooks, study guides and geological maps. Geology is taught by a qualified Geologist with a PhD in Palaeontology and many years’ experience in industry, academia and museums.

Very few centres offer Geology, so you are one of the lucky minority of students who have the opportunity to study it, plus you get to go on lots of field trips!



A very high proportion of students who first study Geology at A-level enjoy it so much that they then decide to go on to study it at university. Geologists are amongst the top 20 highest-earning professionals, with great employment prospects and starting salaries now second only to medicine! Since the course began in 2007, 81% of our Geology A-Level students have opted for Geology degrees, with almost all who have so far graduated gaining employment as geologists in the oil and gas industry.



Results are consistently outstanding with a 100% pass rate at AS and A2 since the course began in 2007. Over this period, 94% of all our A-Level students have achieved A-B grades, with well over half gaining an A* or A grade. Similarly, more than three quarters of all our AS students have achieved A-B grades. In 2015, all of our A-Level students gained a B grade of better.



Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Geography.




A grade B in Maths and Science GCSE is desirable. You do not need to have studied Geology before.


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